Curry, PL is a boutique law firm located in beautiful Jupiter, Florida. We handle the business and litigation needs of our clients with vigor.

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Service areas: business and real estate transactions, bankruptcy and creditor's rights, complex commercial litigation, securities litigation, and consumer advocacy.

Introduction to Legal Issues for Managers

As a venture becomes successful in terms of revenues, or investors have made capital contributions, the managers can hire employees to assist in operating the business.  In doing so, the venture begins to face many legal issues involving the employees of the business.  This section addresses some of the legal issues that a manager may face.

James P. Curry

Welcome to the website of Curry, PL, a law firm located in beautiful Jupiter, Florida.  There are several articles on the site covering various aspects of business planning that you may find informative.  This blog will keep you updated on developments that are pertinent to business law and litigation.  Thanks for stopping by and give us a call if you need representation.